[SAFE] 5 Ways How to Download Videos from YouTube on Mac 2023


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Learn how to download videos from YouTube on Mac with ease. Follow our comprehensive step-by-step guide to safely save YouTube videos for offline viewing on your Mac.

Many Mac users search for ways to download YouTube videos. This is because YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform that can’t be ignored.

YouTube have millions of videos with various genre from music video clip, film, funny videos, until informational and news videos.

In this article, we will discuss about 5 ways how to download videos from YouTube on Mac that still work the best in 2023.


Table of Contents

  1. What is a Macbook?
  2. Why Download YouTube
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Recommended Method: Using a YouTube Downloader for Mac
  5. Short Comparison of YouTube Video Downloader on Mac
  6. 1. EaseUS Video Downloader
  7. 2. Keepvid
  8. 3. YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader Addons
  9. 4. VLC Media Player
  10. 5. Ahatik YouTube Video Downloader
  11. Tips for Safe and Legal YouTube Video Downloads on Mac
  12. Conclusion



What is a Macbook?


What is a Macbook - Ahatik.com


MacBook is basically a notebook computers designed, launched, and marketed by Apple Inc. MacBook use Apple’s operating system, macOS. Thus, this kind of notebook is quite different from other notebooks that commonly use Microsoft Windows.

For this reason, in this article, we dedicate a special discussion on how to download YouTube videos on Mac. For those of you who are already a Mac user, you may need to continue reading this article.


Why Download YouTube Videos on Mac?


Download YouTube on Mac - Ahatik.com


Generally, people want to download videos from YouTube is because they can’t always have good and stable internet connection. So, it is better for people to download important videos from YouTube that they need in order to play them offline.


Frequently Asked Questions

Download a video on a Mac requires a third party service, be it a downloader software or downloader website. It is also important to note from which website that video you want to download. Different websites may need different tools and steps.

Yes, there is a video downloader designed to be used on Mac such as EaseUS Video Downloader, iFunia YouTube Downloader, MacX YouTube Downloader, Freemake, 4K Video Downloader, ClipGrab and Get Tube.

If you want to download a video from YouTube by only using Safari, then you need to download YouTube videos through website downloader like Ahatik YouTube Downloader.


To download a video from YouTube, it is better to use a YouTube video downloader. You don’t need to manually screen record it. What you need is a tool that will work for you to download the YouTube videos.

Here, we will discuss the most popular and reliable ways to download YouTube videos for our Macbook.


Short Comparison of YouTube Video Downloader on Mac

Expert Advice: When you choosing ways to download YouTube video on your Mac, you need to consider them carefully. Do not download or install a software downloader from untrusty source. It’s better for you to ask and find the information first about the software you want to install on your Mac. Always be careful with online scams and pissing.


No Name of Tools Type Price
1. EaseUS Video Downloader Software Free
2. Keepvid Website Downloader Free
3. YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader Addons Add-ons Browser Free
4. VLC Media Player Software Free
5. Ahatik YouTube Downloader Website Downloader Free



1. EaseUS Video Downloader

EaseUs Video Downloader enables us to download videos from YouTube on Mac with ease. It can also download multiple YouTube videos to our Macbook. It is 100% no ads and no in-app plugs that need to be purchased.


EaseUS Video Downloader - Ahatik.com


How to Download Videos on YouTube with EaseUS Video Downloader

  1. Open EaseUS Video Downloader
  2. Open your YouTube and find videos you want to download on your Mac
  3. Paste the URL to the search bar of EaseUS Video Downloader
  4. Click search
  5. After you find your video, you will see the download button
  6. Click the download button
  7. There will be a pop up, choose what you need
  8. Click download to start the progress
  9. Please wait and your files will be ready


2. Keepvid

If you find it is difficult to install video downloader software on Mac, you can use Keepvid, a web downloader tool that can help you download videos that you want.

Besides downloading videos from YouTube, Keepvid also can convert your YouTube video files into MP3 and it can be your best Facebook Video Downloader because it enables you to download any video from Facebook.


KeepVid - Ahatik.com


How to Download Videos on YouTube with Keepvid

  1. Go to your favorite YouTube videos
  2. Copy the links to the videos
  3. Paste it on the bar on Keepvid
  4. Click the download button
  5. You can choose several available options for your file
  6. Please wait and your files will be ready


3. YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader Addons

If you want to experience another safe way to download YouTube video and MP3, you can use add-on on your Chrome or Firefox. This add-on will help you download YouTube videos directly from your browser.

How to Download YouTube Videos from Chrome and Firefox

By using this method, you have to make sure which browser that you will use to download, Chrome or Firefox. Because the steps for each browser to download YouTube videos are different.


Chrome  Extension YouTube Downloader - Ahatik


For Chrome users:

  1. Go to YouTube Video and MP3 Downloader
  2. It will detect your browser
  3. Confirm your browser
  4. Click ‘Install via Crosspilot’
  5. Download and install the extension
  6. Restart your browser
  7. Go to YouTube and play your favorite video you want to download
  8. You will see a download button under the video, you just need to click it to save your YouTube video.
  9. You can also click the three dots next to it for further options
  10. If there is no download button available, you can click the extension from the menu bar


Firefox Add-ons YouTube Downloader - Ahatik.com


For Firefox users:

  1. Add the extension: Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express
  2. Restart your Firefox Browser
  3. Go to YouTube and find video you want to download
  4. Click the download button under the video and choose the quality version you want to download.


4. VLC Media Player

You can also download videos from YouTube using VLC Media Player. It is a free and open source software that will help you get any YouTube videos you want.


VLC Media Player - Ahatik.com


How to Download YouTube Videos from VLC Media Player

  1. Download and install VLC Media Player first
  2. Launch the program
  3. Go to YouTube and copy the video link you want to download
  4. Open VLC, choose “File” and then “Open Network”
  5. In the “Open Source” window, paste your link in the adress bar
  6. Click “Open”
  7. Right-click the video
  8. Select “Media Information”
  9. Copy the content in the “Location” bar
  10. Paste the copied URL into the address bar
  11. Press “Return” to begin to play video on your browser
  12. Right-click the video again
  13. And click “Save video as...”
  14. Your video will be downloaded


5. Ahatik YouTube Video Downloader

There is also another simple but best way to download video from YouTube. You can use Ahatik YouTube Downloader to get any video from YouTube that you want. You can also convert the video YouTube to MP3, so you can listen to it offline as audio file only.


Ahatik YouTube Downloader on Mac


How to Download YouTube Videos from Ahatik YouTube Downloader

  1. Go to YouTube and find video you want to download
  2. Copy the link to the video
  3. Go to Ahatik YouTube Video Downloader
  4. Paste the link to the bar available on the page
  5. Click download
  6. Wait a moment, your video will be progressed
  7. Your video is ready to download
  8. Click download
  9. Your video will be directly saved to your gadget


Downloading video from YouTube can be illegal if you don’t know your limitation. Basically, we can’t just download video from YouTube and use it to get any profit.


Tips Safe and Legal Download - Ahatik.com


We also can’t download a copyrighted content and claimed it as ours, or republished it somewhere on other channel or platform. We need permission.

However, under the Free Use Doctrine, we can download video from YouTube for education and personal use. We also need to check our laws regarding copyrighted contents. Each country may have different regulations.



That’s all the 5 ways to download videos from YouTube on your Macbook. You can compare yourself with which ways you find it better to download videos from your Mac. Each person may have their own preference.

However, we recommend you to try Ahatik YouTube Video Downloader. It is 100% free, easy to use, and it completely works on any device you use. Just let us know what you think about Ahatik YouTube Video Downloader by giving us feedback on our Reddit Forum.


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Copyright is a very sensitive issue and cannot be taken lightly. We need to always respect the work of others and not use it without permission for commercial purposes. Ahatik, as a website that helps you download YouTube videos, is not responsible for your actions that violate the law and other people's copyrights. Please first ask permission from the video maker if you want to download the video. Fair use should also refer to the applicable copyright law in your respective country.